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Spring Has Sprung

I love this time of year. The trees are turning green, days are longer and it seems that all the world comes alive. Every day in camp life, I get to experience nature change and spring into what God purposed it to be. It reminds me that if God cares for nature and even knows when each sparrow falls, how much more does he care for us. Every week I witness so many people coming to Lakeview Camp. It’s awesome to see them come alive as they have an amazing encounter with God, then leave camp changed ready to change their worlds.

We are springing up for awesome opportunities to reach young lives in the next few months. In the month of May, I will be taking SAGU students to many JH and HS all across the north Texas area with the Game Day Challenge school assemblies. We will be leading the students in camp type games and sharing a message of character education that teaches students about making right choices, developing good relationships and being responsible citizens that will make a difference in the world. We present a deity free message that is totally about the character of God. It is awesome to see the student’s response in knowing that time with them prepares their lives to change their worlds. We are also springing up for Camp U and Camp Padre in the month of June. The theme this year is “RUSH”, based off of Acts 2:2, as the spirit of God entered the room like a rushing mighty wind. That’s what camp is all about. It’s one week of fast action heart pounding fun and worship, experiencing the mighty rush of God’s power that changes young lives forever. That’s also what will happen in the months of June, July and August as we will host 17,000 kids and youth at Lakeview Camp. So when we total up all the students we will reach in these four months, it is close to 20,000 young lives that have the potential to rock this world with the power of God. That’s why we need your continued partnership of prayer and support of this ministry to make a powerful impact for the many opportunities to reach this world for God’s glory. Have a great Spring and Summer!

Yours for Youth,

Jaroy and Kim Carpenter

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