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There is a generation that is looking for something real, what's relevant to their world. Families, friends, schools, goverments have failed to fulfill their hopes and dreams. With 24 million High School and Jr. High students, there is a message that must be reach this generation, a message of trust and hope that must impact their world. Solid Rock Resources has the answers for giving the message the youth of America needs. Solid answers when their world is rocked.


To reach students with a positive message of hope and creatively challenge Christian students to have a personal plan of action for their faith and to view themselves as missionaries to their culture.


Our goal is that every young person have the opportunity to gain a clear understanding and knowledge of Jesus Christ through the various ministry outreaches, so youth can live an overcoming life, impacting a generation.


Solid Rock Resources' goal, is to provide quality resources as Jaroy communicates the gospel through speaking, teaching, creating, consulting, and so much more.

"This generation is looking for something to believe in... I want to give them Jesus they can see, answers they can trust, and a legacy they can leave."

Jaroy Carpenter

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