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Books and Manuals

Solid Rock Resources Manual, Jaroy Carpenter


A complete resource manual, including" programs, promo, sample letters, flyers, and comprehensive information for youth ministry programs, concepts and events.

Get'em Pumped Book - "Great Games That Work", Jaroy Carpenter


Fun & games for large and small youth groups, campus bible clubs, activities, camps, and retreats.

O.S.S. Discipleship Manual - "Stepping Stones"


This manual takes youth through an in-depth study of the atonement, repentance, baptism in water, the Holy Spirit, the gift of God, the authority of God's Word, God's provision for healing, commitment to the body of believers, God's order for the church, prosperity and giving, the great commission and the last days.

Creative Youth Ministry Manual


This comprehensive manual will give you great creative ideas for illustrations, dramas, services, promotions, events, outreaches, communications, campus ministry, fundraisers, programming, games, activities, and resources.

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Audio Tapes

Carpenter's Tool Box Audio Series

4 for $30.00

Effective tools for Dynamic Ministry, Jaroy Carpenter

Creative Youth Ministry Part 1


“Creative Communications to Youth”, “Illustrated Sermons”

Creative Youth Ministry Part 2


“Youth Service Ideas”, “Get�em Pumped: Interactive Team Building Activities”

Winning the School Campus Part 1


“Classroom Speaking”, “Youth Alive Campus Ministry”

Winning the School Campus Part 2


“Teaching Youth How To Be A Campus Leader”, “Teaching Youth How To Start A Campus Bible Club”, “A Self-Portrait of the American Student”

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Illustrated Sermons
Scripts and Video Tape sets

"Straight to Hell"


This illustrated drama presentation shows how demonic forces can influence a given sinful situation, such as: drugs, parties, suicide, sex (fornication, adultery), gangs (murder), the occult and Satanism.

"Death, Hell and the Grave"


The sequel to "Straight To Hell", this illustrated drama presentation deals with the crucifixion, spiritual warfare, family violence, Satanism, drug addiction, homosexuality, abortion, and forgiveness and the power of prayer.

"Left Behind"


This illustrated drama presentation begins with the rapture and follows the lives of four young people as they experience what life will be like during the tribulation. Will they accept the mark of the beast or will they die at the hands of the Anti-Christ?

"To Die For"


This illustrated sermon deals with taking a stand for Christ and martyrdom. Three students are arrested for praying at school at "See You At The Pole " day. In jail, they encourage each other by telling stories of previous martyrs. They must make the choice for themselves. "Will I die for the cause of Christ?"

"Graveside Stories"


This illustrated drama presentation illustrates stories of the deaths of individuals and shows the outcomes of their souls according to the way they lived and followed God while they lived on earth.

"The Avenger"


This illustrated drama presentation shows the redemptive power of Jesus Christ to break satan's chains of bondage and set those who are captive free. It defines lucifer's role in heaven, his war in the heavens against God, his fall from heaven and his plot of revenge to get back to God. It depicts Jesus' mighty victory over Satan through the power of the cross.

"The Call"


This illustrated sermon displays the different "calls" one experiences throughout life. There is a call to be born, a call to live and a call ultimately to die. This message challenges each individual to determine how they will answer these pivotal "calls" in life.

"The Ultimate Survivor"


This illustrated sermon parallels the happenings on "Survivor" (the popular T. V. series) with the lives of three modern day teens and great people of the Bible as they struggle with issues of temptation and abandonment. All these people are more than survivors through the power of Jesus Christ who suffered the ultimate abandonment to be the ultimate survivor.

"Time Travelers"


This illustrated drama presentation take three young people on a journey through time, searching for a lost loved one. Through a time machine, three students discover faith and significance in life. They travel to the past and future, experiencing scary adventures, great stories of the bible, heaven, and ultimately to the cross, as they experience the last moments of the crucifixion of Christ. Through their journeys they find true meanings in life that can only be found in Christ Jesus.

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