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The "Game Day Challenge" is another great option in school outreaches. It is basically camp games mixed with a school assembly presentation. It is a playday geared for Jr. High and High School Students. The combination of interactive games mixed with character education presentation, is a win among school administrators. Most Jr. High and High Schools do an outdoor event in Spring. Many times the students aren't engaged in the activities. The "Game Day Challenge" incorporates every student in each game as they can participate in interactive activities that parallels with a particular character education topic. The "Game Day Challenge" is a two hour interactive school assembly presentation with four teams/grades competing in various games and activities. It is organized outdoor activities with students interacting with each other in fun competitions, learning how to work with each other through team building, task solving, trust, relationships and unity. The time is divided in 15 minute games then a 5 minute characted education talk. Characted education topics can be about choices in mind altering substances, age appropriate sexuality and the consequences, peer pressure, relationships, bullying, responsibility, respect, and attitude. Some schools receive grants from anti-tobacco and anti-drug campaigns to fund the presentation. This pattern will last approximately two hours. I work with the school on various topics to address. Some schools get different color t-shirts to identify the teams/grades. The teachers are used as team captains, score keepers, etc.. Many schools like the outdoor interactive concept during the Spring and after testing times of the year.


I am available to showcase this presentation and train others in doing their own "Game Day Challenge". Feel free to contact us at or 972-897-6499

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