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End of Summer Newsletter 2020

Get Ready!

This spring and summer season was different as everything else in the world is different since Covid-19. Some of our ministry events were postponed until next year; Game Day Challenge school assembly tour and Camp U. We were able to get in Camp Padre though. We moved to a later date, July 20-24. We were half the size camp that we usually are but had a great time and God moved mightily on the students that attended. We were able to also have our district A/G youth and kids camps at Lakeview Camp. We were also half the size in numbers that we normally are but had awesome camps and many lives were changed. We had many other camps scheduled but cancelled or postponed until next year. Even though this wasn’t the summer packed full of camps that we usually are, this will be a summer that will impact us the rest of our lives. Our job is a calling and we look forward to answering that call. One thing I know, after this summer, is that the call camp has on my life will never be the same again. I have learned to cherish the call God gives me. He doesn’t let me just fumble my call. The word says that he equips us. Those he calls he equips. The average week of a camp is 90 hours. In those 90 hours a young life is equipped for life. I’ve often said that everything I needed to learn in life I learned at camp. Camp is where I learned to build relationships. Camp is where I learned how to cope with issues that would later help me in life. Camp taught me that competition is good. Camp taught me how to live life to the fullest. Camp taught me how to seek the face of God. Camp taught me that God has a perfect will and calling on my life. Camp taught me how to cope with all we have been through for the past 5 months. So camp isn’t just a one week wonder, it’s a life calling and camp is my life. I’ve done my best to help others and my family see that camp in essential for learning life and spiritual skills. Camp isn’t a location. Camp isn’t a destination. Camp is a launching point. Camp just isn’t camp, it’s a life change. I think God for camp now and into the future. God has never left us or forsaken us and camp will live on changing lives throughout eternity. So I am planning the greatest camps, Game Day Challenge school assembly tour and all the ministry opportunities God has planned for us and into 2021. (Eph. 3:20, 21) So let’s together pray, work and prepare for a great harvest God has planned for us.

Yours in Youth,

Jaroy and Kim Carpenter

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