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The Cause
There is a generation that is looking for something that is real, what's relevant to their world. Families, friends, schools, governments, have failed to fulfil their hopes and dreams. With 24 million High School and Jr. High students, there is a message that must reach this generation, a message of trust and hope that must impact their world. Solid Rock Resources has the answers for giving the message the youth of America needs. Solid answers when their world is rocked.
The Passion
To reach students with a positive message of hope and creatively challenge Christian students to have a personal plan of action for their faith and to view themselves as missionaries to their culture.
The Purpose
Our goal is that every young person have the opportunity to gain a clear understanding and knowledge of Jesus Christ through various ministry outreaches, so youth can live an overcoming life, impacting a generation.
The Plan
Solid Rock Resources' goal, is to provide quality resources as Jaroy communicates the gospel through speaking, teaching, creating, consulting, etc.
"This generation is looking for something to believe in... I want to give them Jesus they can see, answers they can trust, and a legacy they can leave."
Jaroy Carpenter
What Others are Saying
"You got their attention and created an interest from the very beginning of the program."
Don Jones
CVAE CO-OP Coordinator
Region 2, District 6 Chairperson
Irving High School
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"Your down to earth manner of presenting the material to the students kept their attention, and the information was very timely and appropriate. An exvellant job!!!"
Lee Bellard
Church Point High School
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"The program presented to our students by Mr. Carpenter dealt with choices and responsibility, and was a well done and well presented program."
"Our staff and students were entertained, informed, and motivated."
Richard Darcy
Burr Road Middle School
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AIMexico Logo
  Join us for an AIMexico adventure. AIMexico is a short term mission's outreach to AIMexico/Cancun. Students and leaders share the gospel working with the local churches through street evangelism, children's and youth crusades, and illustrated sermons. Students will grow closer to God as they experience his power and miracles as they lead people to Christ. This will be a life changing trip that will impact eternity.

  AIMexico is a ministry of Solid Rock Resources. With 21 years of Mexico mission's experience, AIMexico is endorsed as an affiliate of the national A/G AIM (Ambassadors in Missions). We work under the supervision of Dave Greco, missionary area director to Mexico. North Texas Youth Ministries is partnering with Solid Rock Resources for AIMexico '13.

  Listed below are the trip dates and costs. Please visit www.solidrockresources.com and call 972-775-3815, 972-897-6499 mb. for detailed information., pictures, and promotional videos. You can download an AIMexico application at www.ntym.org.

  • Churches provide their own transportation
  • Group leader: Jaroy Carpenter (jaroy@solidrockresources.com)
  • AIM Adventure '13 trips
    • March 11-16 AIM Ruidoso (Indian Reservation), cost $600
    • July 1-6 AIMexico/Cancun, cost $1200
    • July 15-20 AIM Ruidoso (Indian Reservation), cost $600

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